11 cool halloween decoration ideas for 2019

11 Out-of-the-box Halloween Decoration Ideas 2019

Article by: Grace Beuley Hunt | www.PureWow.com | Click for Full Article

1. Ghostly Tulle Balloons

Create ghoulishly chic apparitions with XL clear balloons dressed in black tulle. 

2. Creepy Spider Candlesticks

Faux creepy crawlies are a great way to Halloween-ify your tabletop decor. 

3. Matte Black Constellation Pumpkin

Give your pumpkins a trendy makeover with chalkboard paint and dainty celestial cutouts. 

4. Painted Ghost Gourds

Grab some goofy-shaped gourds at the farmers’ market and spray paint ’em white. 

5. Bat Wreath

Decorate a grapevine wreath with black felt bat cutouts. (So simple. So cute.)

6. Bleeding Candles

Melt red wax over white pillar candles for an ever-so-slightly gory effect.  

7. Skull Floral Centerpiece

Blooms can totally be scary...when kept to a dark palette and placed in a skull vase, that is. 

8. Tin Can Luminaries

Scatter a few among your pumpkins, and skip the messy carving this year. 

9. Spooky Bird Branches

Prop a few raven-festooned tree branches next to your front door for instant Hitchcock vibes. 

10. Dead Climbing Wallflowers

Bring on the dark drama with oversize black-tissue-paper blooms tacked to the wall.

11. Pineapple Jack-O-Lantern

He looks evil, but he’s actually quite sweet. 


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