10 best pie places in rhode island

10 Best Pie Places in Rhode Island

Who doesn't like pie, right? Probably a few people, but ignore them. With Thanksgiving coming up, you better get familiar with the best places in Rhode Island to get a great pie. So we did some digging and came up with this list; the 10 best pie places in RI. 

1. Pastiche Fine Desserts | Providence

2. Lefavorite Bakery | Warwick

3. Gregg's Restaurant | Providence, East Providence, Warwick, North Kingstown

4. LaSalle Bakery | Providence

5. Scialo Bros Bakery | Providence

6. Cafe Chokland | Providence

7. Mad Hatter Bakery | Newport

8. Wayland Bakery | Providence

9. Wright's Dairy Farm | North Smithfield

10. Sweet Cakes Bakery & Cafe | South Kingstown

If you have any other recommendations for places to get the best pie in Rhode Island, we'd love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook and let us know your thoughts.